Walkthrough Metal Detectors and Baggage Scanners

Walk through metal detectors

Walkthrough metal detection systems, or door frame metal detectors, are security devices that people must pass through when entering a building. The machine is made up of an archway and two vertical posts connected by a horizontal bar.
Walkthrough metal detectors are a great way to screen a large number of people in a short amount of time. They are also less invasive than pat-down searches, which can be seen as intrusive.
Walkthrough metal detectors work by using sensors to detect the presence of a metal object on a person’s body and sets off an alarm if any metal is detected. The sensors in the metal detector can be either electromagnetic or magnetic.
BSS Ltd has the ability to supply, Install and service these devices.

walk through metal detectors
Baggage scanners

Baggage Scanners

These are compact, electronic machines that rely on X-ray to see through the surface of luggage and build an accurate image of the bags contents. Ideal for both small and large bags, parcels, mails and large cargo.The scanners are used in high security premises, with large baggage traffic such as:

  • Building checkpoints
  • Airports
  • Government offices/ Embassies
  • Railway stations
  • Mass Rapid Transport systems
  • Schools/ Venue halls/ Exhibition halls

The Scanners ensures that all packages and luggage going into the premise or aeroplane is safe, free from contraband, unauthorised drug substance, firearms, ammunition or other harmful weapons.  Scanners are reliable, affordable and come in different sizes to suit your security needs.

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