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Broadfield Security Services (BSS) Ltd is a leading integrated security services company in East Africa. Our commitment to providing cutting-edge products and innovative solutions is matched only by our dedication to meeting the specific needs of our customers.

At BSS, we are passionate about protecting our clients’ property, people, and brands. We achieve this through a combination of people, technology, and data. Our comprehensive range of security solutions is specifically designed to support complex public-facing environments across a range of sectors, and we pride ourselves on delivering consistent quality standards at highly competitive pricing.

We are proud to have a team of highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in customer service management, security systems and solutions engineering services, certified project managers and accountants. With BSS, you can rest assured that you are working with a team of experts who are committed to providing you with the highest levels of service and support.

about us

Our mission

Our mission is to provide affordable quality customer-centric service whilst employing the highest-level Integrity in everything we do.


Our Vision

To create better and safer communities within East Africa and beyond by protecting Property, Assets, People, and Brands through the provision of exceptional bespoke Security Service Solutions to our Customers. We will achieve this through solutions based on innovative technologies, efficient processes and world-class competencies.

Our priority

Customer-Centric approach in the provision of affordable quality products and solutions


Our core values

Integrity – We honour our commitments to those we serve by exceeding expectations.

Continuous Improvement – we are constantly learning and applying the most relevant and innovative solutions

Accountability – we take ownership of our work, no excuses!

How we work

BSS Ltd employs the latest strictly defined combination of logically related practices, methods and processes that determine how best to plan, develop, control and deliver solutions throughout the continuous implementation process until successful completion and termination. It is a scientifically proven, systematic and disciplined approach to project design, execution and completion. The purpose is to allow for controlling the entire management process through effective decision-making and problem-solving while ensuring the success of specific processes, approaches, techniques, methods and technologies.
This methodology assures;

1. The needs of stakeholders are defined

2. A common “language” is established and understood by the team, so they know what’s expected of them

3. Cost estimates are complete, accurate and credible

4. Every task is done using a common methodological approach

5. Most conflicts are spotted and resolved early

6. Lessons are learned and solutions are quickly implemented

7. Expected deliverables are produced and handed over

Collaborative Approach with our Customers

We understand your business is different. One size does not fit all. Security solutions must add value, be an enabler for growth and positively contribute to your wider business strategy. Whilst determining your requirement so as to propose a solution, we assess your entire organization and consider all threat vectors including; Malicious Insider, Malicious Outsider and Intruder Insider


Analyze & Identify

A full risk assessment identifying the threats and assessing your risk exposures.



 A tailored solution based on your risk and budget appetite.


Monitor & Maintain

Our proactive, vigilant and intelligence lead approach ensures we stay ahead of the curve. We give our clients peace of mind that their assets are best protected from harm or compromise.

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