Perimeter Security Systems

(Electric Fence, Bollards, Barriers, Turnstiles & Gate Automation Systems)

Electric Fence and Razor wires

Installation and maintenance of an electric fence helps to serve as a visual deterrent to crime. An electric fence is a system of wires and equipment capable of delivering an electrical shock when touched by humans or animals.
Alarms can also be attached to the fencing so that whenever there is an unwanted person trying to trespass your property, you will be alerted by the alarm. This makes electric fencing even more efficient as it not only prevents intrusion but also alerts the owners
Broadfield Security Services have the inhouse capabilities to install and service Electrical Fence to your premises. Please get in touch to find out more about this solution.

electric wires


Bollars are usually concealed at ground level on both pedestrian or vehicle routes with capabilities to be raised or lowered to allow or restrict access based on the prevailing security situation thus providing Perimeter Security.
Bollards are ideal for high security premises but can also be used at parking lots of commercial buildings, Churches and Hospital Parking lots. They are solid to withstand any impact generated from Cars and any moving heavy objects.



The barriers are  ideal and  cost effective way of managing Perimeter Security particularly the traffic and vehicles to a designated area of your site. Available with a barrier boom length of up to 7 metres, the barrier houses a low voltage DC motor and will still work during a power outage, due to its optional battery power backup.  Automated boom barriers typically consist of a motor body and control unit that swings upwards to allow entry to authorized vehicles. Spike barriers, on the other hand, are tiger-like steel planes that jut outwards from the ground, ensuring that no vehicles get past without authorization. 

BSS Ltd offers a number of security barriers from manual ro automatic spike barriers based on your preference.



Turnstile gates are the perfect access control solution for improving the security of your business if you are looking for an access control system that does not need to be managed but enables you to control the access for multiple users. They can be used solely for perimeter protection to control large numbers of people entering a premise as a means of recording employee attendance or as a fire mustering register.

Turnstile gates can be fully integrated with access control to enable you to record and monitor employee and visitor actions and access. If using an entry card, we can even implement a back pass functionality to stop the same card being used by different people. At Bss Ltd we work with you to understand your key requirements so we can provide the right solution to work for your business

Sliding Gates2

Gate Automation Systems

( Automatic / Sliding Gates)

Besides providing you with more precise control of access to your property, these systems empwers you with more precise control of access to your property. Along with better perimeter control, automated gates offer greater security. Because you control who enters your property, you can reduce the risk of crimes such as theft and vandalism.
Reach out to BSS Ltd to discuss and align on your unique requirements, prepare a quotation, supply and install your chosen Gate Automation System.

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