Manned Guarding services

Manned security services that you can rely on

At BSS Ltd, we are committed in providing you with  Manned Security Services for protection of people, buildings and organizations against threats such as crime. Our Manned Guarding Services provides the following purposes;

  • Prevention and reduction of loss, waste, and damage,
  • Monitoring and responding to safety risks,
  • Providing personnel (Door Supervisors, CCTV Operators, security officers),
  • Providing security systems for people, property and premises.

Meticulously fully vetted security officers

Broadfield Security Services will provide you with fully vetted Security Officers. Our pre – employment background investigation includes a thorough interview of all Security personnel, past employment history and reference letters. External vetting procedures include, but not limited to authentication of documents presented including Certificate of Good Conduct.

All our security officers attend classroom training where they learn amongst other topics, Principles of working in the Private Security Industry, Application of Conflict Management, report writing and Application of Physical Intervention in the Private Security Industry.

Guard maanagement system2

Taken to the next-level with a Security Guard Management Solution

BSS Ltd has partnered with a leading Security Management Solutions Provider to deploy a disruptive Security Management Solution to optimize security services, cost reduction and increased transparency by monitoring and automating the core functions of time and attendance, Patrols, Incident Reporting and task performance of the security operatives. This aims to improve workforce accountability and operational efficiency all while reducing risk and maximizing profitability.

Innovative features

Our security guard management system has a centralized client dashboard  that gives a Client visibility to see our security guards in action, giving them peace of mind and reducing administrative report compiling.

GPS Guard Tracking

The sytem includes GPS tracking to monitor the location of your guards in real-time, ensuring they are patrolling the correct areas.

Customizable Guard Tours

Our security management sytem allows you to create customized guard tours based on your specific security needs.

Real-time Dashboard

The real-time dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of your security operations, including guard locations, incident reports, and alerts.

Automated Reporting

The system automatically generates reports based on data collected, providing insights and trends to help improve security operations.

Lone Worker Protection

The system includes features to ensure the safety of lone workers, such as panic alarms, check-ins, and automatic alerts.

Guard Scheduling

The system allows you to easily create and manage guard schedules, ensuring the right guards are in the right place at the right time.

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